McNair Alumni

The McNair Scholars Program has been creating a bridge to graduate education for students with underrepresented backgrounds at UW–Madison since 1995. Here’s a look at where some of those scholars are now.

Mukadas Abdullah ('21)

Credentials: Psychology (B.A.)

Emanuel Burgos-Robles ('21)

Credentials: Molecular Biology (B.S.); Certificate(s): Computer Science

Brandon Cortez ('21)

Credentials: Physics, Mathematics (B.A.)

Shelia Doung ('21)

Credentials: Biology-Evolutionary Biology, Chemistry (B.S.); Certificate(s): Art Studio

Drue Hood-McFadden ('21)

Credentials: Physics (B.S.); Certificate(s): Mathematics

Aaron Kinard ('21)

Credentials: Education Studies, History (B.S.)

Bailey Nandory ('21)

Credentials: Philosophy, Classical Humanities (B.A.); Certificate(s): European Studies

Elizandra Sandoval ('21)

Credentials: Psychology, Human Development & Family Studies (B.S.); Certificate(s): Chican@ and Latin@ Studies

Stephanie Woodson ('21)

Credentials: Health Promotion Health Equity (B.S.)